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Olympiads for Pre-Primary to Class 5 

Animation story-based ONLINE International Olympiads


What is  NOF Junior

Children love cartoons as compared to learning from books. Gamified animated content motivates them and encourages them to take actions. 


NOF Junior is a gamified assessment platform and not a regular pen and paper-based test, the questions asked are interactive, children can touch the cartoons and other elements on the screen , questions have voice support for better understanding. This makes the entire exercise very entertaining & engaging.


NOF Junior Assessment

NOF Junior Olympiad is a convenient online experience, so schools have the discretion to conduct the Olympiad as per their convenience vs. the inconvenience of adhering to one particular date.


Being technically simulated, it has the capacity to engage learners as young as 2.5 years. The assessment is conducted digitally 


Practice Books for Olympiad