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Olympiad Exams 2020 | Olympiad Registrations | Math , Science, English and other Olympiads | Dates.

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

The International Olympiads for playgroup to Class 12 will be conducted ONLINE this year. Registrations for Olympiads can be done online. This article will help you with all the necessary details like registration, practice books, sample papers, exam dates and conduction of olympiad exams for the year 2020.

Olympiads are divided into two categories.

1. Playgroup to Class 5 - Animation based International Olympiads

2. Class 1-12 - International Olympiads

Playgroup to Class 5 - Animation based Olympiads.

Research has proved that gamification enhances the learning experience of children.

The engagement levels and entertainment values of gamified content can motivate them to accomplish tasks that are normally viewed as boring, such as learning new concepts.

Students of age group 1.5 years to 11 years can participate in Olympiads like

  • International Junior Maths Olympiad

  • International Junior Science Olympiad

  • International Junior English Olympiad

  • International Junior GK Olympiad

  • International Junior Cyber Olympiad

Age appropriate Olympiads

  • Playgroup kids (1.5 to 2.5 years) can participate in Math, Science and English Olympiads

  • Nursery kids (1.5 to 2.5 years can participate in Math, Science and English Olympiads

  • LKG kids (1.5 to 2.5 years) can participate in Math, Science and English Olympiads

  • UKG kids (1.5 to 2.5 years) can participate in Math, Science and English Olympiads

  • Class 1-5 Kids can participate in Math, Science, English, GK & Cyber.

Olympiad Syllabus (Playgroup to Class 5)

Children love cartoons, keeping this in mind, the entire syllabus is mapped into animated stories. These stories prompt questions in between which students need to answer at different stages.

The questions are interactive, with voice support which means the students can touch the cartoons, and other elements on the screen, read & listen to the question as well this makes the entire exercise very entertaining & engaging. The syllabus is designed to be age-appropriate. You can download the olympiad syllabus here for free.

Registration for Olympiad exams

The registration process is also very simple. You can simply click here, choose your subjects and practice e-books. Individual registration is also possible. A parent can now register the child directly. Once the registration is confirmed the practice e-books will be e-mailed to the parents.

Olympiad Exam Dates

This year's olympiads will be conducted in the month of November to January. The exact dates will be shared shortly.

Conduction of Olympiad Exams- ONLINE

Now a child can appear for the olympiad exam from home on any device of his/her choice. The integrity of the examination will be maintained by LIVE VIDEO PROCTORING & Online Surveillance.

For any query feel free to write to us :

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